Leah's Gals

Loosely based on Shakespeare's masterpiece King Lear, Leah's Gals offers a decidedly down-home, Deep South take on the Bard's searing tragedy. But don't let the Pabst Blue Ribbon, double-wide trailers and Virginia Slims fool you - despite its dark humor, Leah's Gals is every bit as harrowing in its portrayal of familial greed, treachery and unbridled cruelty. 

Leah's just won the lottery and decides to split the winnings among her three daughters, asking only for a deathbed-style declaration of love in return. When her youngest daughter, Patina, scoffs at the idea, Leah disowns her with vitriolic fury. Bestowing instead the prize money upon her two eldest daughters, her dreams of a pampered retirement in the arms of her offspring for herself and her close companion, Pearl, seem guaranteed. Things soon turn sour, however, as long-held grievances and newfound wealth lead to internecine violence, treachery and death. 

Greed, lust, drugs, and Capodimonte combust in this low-rent, Southern fried twist on a literary classic! 

The Meta Plays

This unique compilation of wittily inventive short comedies can be performed by as few as 4 actors or as many as 18, all with minimal set and prop requirements. Many of these plays have gone on to receive highly successful productions around the world, garnering glowing reviews along the way.


The plays included in the collection are:

The Craft

A Flawed Character

The Skewed Picture


The Curious Art of Critique

What’s the Meta?

A Rebel Among the Wretched

Tacked-On Ending.

Arcane Acts of Urban Renewal

A collection of five thematically related, darkly humorous one-act plays in which ordinary people find themselves in the most extraordinary circumstances.


The plays included are:

An Honest Mistake
A Familiar Face
A Slip of the Tongue
An Embarrassing Odour
A Stunning Confession